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Best shank in town ... read more
Austin Wooten via - Aug 10, 2020
Super authentic deli style German ...
Super authentic deli style German food! Outdoor seating available. Love the dessert too!
Kate K. via - Aug 8, 2020
I really like Gunther's. Yes, I stopped by for breakfast after I worked out one day since my Gym is right across the street. I had the Vegitarian Omelette and it was awesome and SO HUGE!! I could not finish it. The other thing I like about Gunther's is they are soooo flexible with the menu so if you like something a certain way, just ... read more
Carroll Tamekia via - Aug 5, 2020
Great spot for comfort food. Their ...
Great spot for comfort food. Their cookies might simply be the best I've ever had. Simply amazing!!
Rick T. via - Jul 27, 2020
Reuben sandwich and cookie :) this ...
Reuben sandwich and cookie :) this place is a staple in my food world and has been around forever since I can remember here in sj ... read more
Mathew F. via - Jul 23, 2020
Slowly moving my way through this ...
Slowly moving my way through this menu and they haven't put a foot wrong yet.

Try the Knockwurst sammich, add bacon to that bad boy, absolutely sublime!

Matzo ball soup is on point.

Mac n Cheese is bomb.

Hot German Potato Salad was beautifully balanced with tang and umami.

Cannot wait to order agai
... read more
Rob M. via - Jul 22, 2020
Delicious food with great customer service!
Laura via - Jun 27, 2020
Love the food and the staff is so amazing and friendly
Love the food and the staff is so amazing and friendly ... read more
Jamie Lursen via - Jun 12, 2020
Absolutely a spot worth stopping over, the food is awesome and well prepared, the costs are affordable and it is regularly well organized here. Kudos.
X Walton via - Jun 8, 2020
We had a fantastic time in this place. We liked the excellent atmosphere and the meals. The staff are super welcoming. I’m happy we ultimately managed to eat here.
Nico Watts via - Jun 7, 2020
Great rueben sandwich ... read more
jim yglesias via - Jun 6, 2020
Excellent and flavorful food, I like the vibes this spot has, and the employees were friendly. I will surely eat here again.
Jazzmin Mascimiliano via - Jun 4, 2020
Not many places like this in terms ...
Not many places like this in terms of quality and type. Kind of Hofbrau style. As many have said the cookies are amazing. Literally the best cookies I've ever had. No exaggeration. The Mac n cheese also worth a visit imo. And if you like German style meat options, this place is absolutely fantastic.

Super high quality food, h
... read more
Joe J. via - May 24, 2020
The Ruben sandwich was huge! It ...
The Ruben sandwich was huge! It was like 3 servings for me. Very greasy but delicious. So expensive though for a sandwich and they forgot to include the pickle :(
But otherwise happy to support this local business. Just can't afford it often.
Audrey D. via - May 24, 2020
Decided to try this awesome place ...
Decided to try this awesome place for the first time. I was extremely satisfied with the service. The staff made me feel welcomed. They were also patient with me. I order the French dip, tri tip philly, Mac & cheese, mash potatoes and cookies. Everything was excellent! All house made. I definitely will be returning for more great foo ... read more
foodieB n. via - May 21, 2020
Homemade corned beef and pastrami, marble rye, great food.
Don Phillips via - May 8, 2020
Gunter's offers some great traditional German dishes at reasonable prices. The atmosphere is a bit towards "American Coffee Shop", but the similarity to a coffee shop ends there. Superb food, excellent portions, and very friendly service. I had the German sausage combo plate and found it to be quite delicious, as well as quite fillin ... read more
Andie Shearsmith via - May 8, 2020
love their matzoh ball soup. very yummy and they have take out service during the quarantine. all
love their matzoh ball soup. very yummy and they have take out service during the quarantine. all of the staff had their masks and gloves in, too.
Chrystal Bougon via - May 5, 2020
I’ve been a long-time Gunther’s customer, and have always loved their food. The food is consistent
I’ve been a long-time Gunther’s customer, and have always loved their food. The food is consistently good, and the service is always great. Amidst the shelter-in-place, I really wanted some comfort food, and I ordered the ultimate comfort food from them: corn beef hash. It was exactly what I wanted. Support local, folks; I can’ ... read more
Eugene Francisco via - Apr 25, 2020
Been going here for as long as ...
Been going here for as long as I can remember. The best chocolate chip cookies anywhere!!!!
Sharon S. via - Apr 25, 2020
Yummy food and doooooooooooope margaritas!!!
Kaitlin Drake via - Apr 21, 2020
Gunther's is one of those restaurants ...
Gunther's is one of those restaurants that have become an institution in San Jose. They have been in business since I can remember - and that was a hell of a long time ago. The food is CLASSIC deli. It is the ONLY place in the area that I can order a LIVERWURST on MARBLE RYE with RED ONIONS and everything else. Yes, I LOVE LIVERWURST ... read more
John P. via - Mar 30, 2020
everything made in house and is wonderful.
everything made in house and is wonderful.
Aliza Cascio Pope-Conger via - Mar 27, 2020
The food is consistently well prepared and tasty, workers gives awesome customer service. I loved how clean it is and mood. I highly recommend this spot.
Kalel Cochran via - Mar 9, 2020
I eat here a lot since I work close by. I love how their service is always awesome and they keep the spot neat constantly. Pricing is fair and they serve sizeable portions.
Elliot Mercado via - Mar 9, 2020
Not sure if I love their cookies ...
Not sure if I love their cookies or hate them because I find myself here a lot for them :-)

Great customer service and honestly they best chocolate chip cookies in the world. My kids call them cookie muffins
... read more
Doreen J. via - Mar 4, 2020
Best chocolate chip cookies I've ...
Best chocolate chip cookies I've ever had. Seriously. All the other things I've had are good too - the other desserts, roast beef sandwich, Mac and cheese. The food has an old fashioned home cooked feel.
Patti W. via - Feb 29, 2020
Great people and awsome food ... read more
David Levine via - Feb 27, 2020
5 ⭐️food with 10 ⭐️ friendly, attentive service ... special shoutout to Kyle! Give that girl a rais
5 ⭐️food with 10 ⭐️ friendly, attentive service ... special shoutout to Kyle! Give that girl a raise, Gunther! Never saw anyone work so hard to please her customers. When we were undecided on our choices, she gave samples to win us over. She took the time to cut up our chocolate chip cookies so we could each have a taste and heated h ... read more
Judy Wing Lee via - Feb 23, 2020
I just don't know if I can justify the price for the quantity. One of my favorite places and I go here every time I visit San Jose.
Garnet Wadkins via - Feb 15, 2020
At the moment you enter that restaurant the personel give you a pleasant feeling. Very congenial crew, it is a lovely place to go out with friends and colleagues or with your date. very good cuisine, creative chief cook and stuff, modest price and attentive service. Warmly recommended.
Gary Crawford via - Feb 13, 2020
Pricey breakfast $43 with tip for 2 people with regular items. Ordered corned beef and hash & regular eggs bacon and toast no drinks no desert.
Patrick Ybarro via - Feb 13, 2020
I have gone to Gunthers a number ...
I have gone to Gunthers a number of times and the food was always pretty good. The other day I decided to try their pastrami sandwich. It was one of the best pastrami sandwiches I have ever had. I sort of wish I hadn't tried it because now I am addicted and go there all the time. lol If you love Pastrami, i highly recommend it ... read more
Mark V. via - Feb 10, 2020
I drove past this restaurant and ...
I drove past this restaurant and decided to stop in after checking the menu online. I ordered a lot of food but I like trying different things and leftovers are never a bad thing.
Good: chocolate chip cookies. I don't know how they bake these without the dough spreading (maybe they bake it frozen?), but they are delicious, and co
... read more
Jeanne C. via - Feb 1, 2020
This place has been here for decades ...
This place has been here for decades and I have been driving past it for decades.
Anyways, we ate lunch here a few weeks ago and I had a Reuben sandwich for the first time. Corn beef AND pastrami? Oh HECK yeah!
As we waited for our food to arrive, the kind waitress brought us one of their chocolate chip cookie mounds. I'm not e
... read more
BabyG L. via - Jan 31, 2020
I tried this spot before with my friend and I am hooked since then. I enjoyed the fantastic mood and yummy dishes and drinks. Fantastic work.
Duane Knox via - Jan 30, 2020
Great when you need it ... read more
Arthur Sevren via - Jan 29, 2020
Yesterday was the first time we went to this restaurant. But It is absolutely not the last. We enjoyed the evening very much with the excellent service, with the first-rate cooking and fine drinks and with the friendly cost. We will surely come back in a short time.
Salvatore Bean via - Jan 27, 2020
Amazing food! Must try. Especially the chicken liver sandwich and the blintzes!
Bogi Burszki via - Jan 18, 2020
One of those places that have been ...
One of those places that have been here "forever" and with good reason! The employees are friendly and help make the dining experience relaxing, once you find a table ;) Solid menu with bonus points for having the option of Turkey gravy for the open face Turkey sandwich. Don't forget the chocolate chip cookie!

Happy 49th anni
... read more
Richard T. via - Jan 15, 2020
It's a popular little restaurant. It is a smorgasbord of food . The "Reuben" is amazing! Open for breakfast and lunch only.
bruce williams via - Jan 14, 2020
This spot gives wonderful service as well as tasty meals. One of my favourite spots in the city. The food arrived quickly and the prices are economical. Recommended.
Christopher Johnson via - Jan 13, 2020
I love this spot! They serve high class food, their menu is large, The chief cook in that place is a specialist, I love very much tasting all their food. The food is consistently fresh and tasty, the attitude towards the customers is efficient. I go often to this place and I was never disappointed. I recommend this place.
Michael Smith via - Jan 8, 2020
Great food, and service,great people and very reasonal prices. Great catering too.
John turner via - Jan 6, 2020
This is my friends favorite place to eat. When he was able to drive himself around he would go here every day for lunch. They have a lunch special that is fabulous. The waitresses and counter help were so friendly. The food was like home cooking. The servings were huge compared to most restaurants. I will be back to enjoy another mea ... read more
Beverly Muise-Madrid via - Jan 3, 2020
This place constantly delivers. They serve excellent dishes for fair pricing, there are no long waits even when they are loaded.
Derek Mckay via - Dec 29, 2019
Delicious bread pudding and apple strudel ... read more
Joan Keller-Rankin via - Dec 21, 2019
Breakfast corn beef hash w.eggs and toast very very delicious and very home make it not from the can from fresh corn beef I believe is the best corn beef in the bay and if u like eggs Benedict u have to try here they have very nice and creamy sauce u dream of if u want to go u have to get up a little early around 9 or 10 am.if u go a ... read more
Noby Lamming via - Dec 19, 2019
The food is amazing but the name was very confusing. I thought that the one an only Gunther was going to preform but boy was I wrong.
Isabel Urioste via - Dec 18, 2019
We buy their chocolate chip cookies. They are legendary!
Monica Marcheschi via - Dec 17, 2019
service is always awesome even when they have a full house.
Jorge Wiley via - Dec 15, 2019
Traditional, authentic American style diner with a very friendly, hard-working staff. The owner is still around after 45 years of business I believe...and shows how much care and value is put into this restaurant. I love diner brewed coffee (much better than any starbucks or Pete's for brews), with free refills so come and get wire ... read more
Henrietta Peters via - Dec 11, 2019
Best food in town. Good wholesome quality home cooked recipe. Definitely try this place. Great breakfast!
Erik Pettis via - Dec 11, 2019
great ambiance & decor. the service was friendly and sociable. it has a good atmosphere.
Cheyenne Clayton via - Dec 10, 2019
Its would be nice more ... read more
Johannes But via - Dec 5, 2019
This was our favorite bkfst place inSan Jose,..... I had never liked corned beef hash before,......
This was our favorite bkfst place inSan Jose,..... I had never liked corned beef hash before,...... and after having GUNTHERS homemade (from scratch), corned beef hash,...... I made it a point to return there this morning before boarding the Amtrak for Southern California to get my fill, I’ll return in December for more!!!!! Absolute ... read more
Nancy Elizabeth Lopez via - Nov 27, 2019
visited sat afternoon. i had a brother come into town and he asked me to go back here. it has a good feel to it.
Rebekah Ayala via - Nov 17, 2019
The eggs Benedict are FANTASTIC.
Martin DeVido via - Nov 15, 2019
Outstanding diner!Gunther’s
Outstanding diner! Gunther’s gets a lot right on their menu which I could go into at length. However, my go-to is the Rueben. Simply great. Lots of meat, the right amount of kraut and everything else. The other must eat is the chocolate chip cookie....More ... read more
gwfritz via - Nov 15, 2019
I finally found a place where I ...
I finally found a place where I can get authentic jewish-style chopped liver sandwiches!!  They are *really* big, and very delicious...  I also tried corned-beef and pastrami sandwich, which was great.  Looking forward to going back and trying other options ... read more
Derell L. via - Nov 5, 2019
Always good food and generous servings. Try the hot pastrami or liver wurst, both yummy.
Robert Kitaji via - Nov 1, 2019
Great deli and German food. Wonderful and caring staff ... read more
Susie Chivers via - Oct 20, 2019
Great place for breakfast...unless you're on a diet! The NY Deli hash is out of this world! Pastrami and Corned Beef scrambled with potatoes and topped with poached won't find a breakfast like this anywhere else. And there's no low calorie option!
Paul Carrubba via - Oct 17, 2019
When I asked my sister for a souvenir that was a local treat, this was the place that came to mind. So we went and I got a Baker’s Dozen of their chocolate chip cookies. Initial impression was that they looked like muffins but make no mistake, these are cookies and they are freaking awesome. I was going to just get a couple for each ... read more
Jon W via - Oct 16, 2019
Good fresh food, pricey but worth the quality.
Glenn Carbullido via - Oct 13, 2019
Good food, good menu and nice staff.
Vincent Guinnane via - Oct 12, 2019
Can't beat the cookies here! Seriously ...
Can't beat the cookies here! Seriously, THE best cookies I've ever had. I'll swing by for a dozen for a birthday or special occasion. Staff is always so nice and it has the family feel. Food is always delicious and authentic.
Sarah C. via - Oct 12, 2019
Best place for breakfast , great customer service ... read more
Norma Saldivar via - Oct 10, 2019
I'm a HUGE chocolate chip person ...
I'm a HUGE chocolate chip person, and these are by far the best chocolate chips cookies I've ever had! I come here just for the cookies, however, if their food are as good as these cookies (which I'm sure they are) then I'm going to have to try it one day. The cookies might look small, but they're STACKED and filling!
Stephanie M. via - Oct 5, 2019
Came in on a beautiful sunny day ...
Came in on a beautiful sunny day slightly between lunch and dinner. This corner restaurant has never let me down with huge catering events.

I wanted to get his unique shaped delicious chocolate chip cookies for my nephews birthday. These cookies are placed on cookie sheet using an ice cream scoop but it doesn't spread easily a
... read more
Chefs Daughter D. via - Oct 4, 2019
We are very pleased with our catering ...
We are very pleased with our catering we received last week for my mother in laws funeral.   They did a beautiful job.
We had the cold deli menu, salads and drinks.  
They were on time, and set up the tables beautifully.  They had red roses down around the food.  Everyone was very impressed.

Thank you again for your wond
... read more
Sandy I. via - Oct 3, 2019
It says best breakfast in Bay area but it's not good at all.... Coffee tasted weird and the cream was expired ... Anyway our waitress brought us new ones... But the food wasn't good...
Jian Jiang via - Sep 18, 2019
Sandy you are amazing!I ...
Sandy you are amazing!

I think the turkeys are going to be delicious with all the things that you do
... read more
Alma M. via - Sep 17, 2019
A proper Reuben. Fabulous spot.
Gareth Kenyon via - Sep 16, 2019
Good food and good service ... read more
michael lozano via - Sep 12, 2019
Great food, family run environment, and caring staff.
T Fabic via - Sep 11, 2019
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