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Photographs by: Jacob Meyberg                  

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Welcome to our restaurant. For four decades our home has been at the Village Square Shopping Center at the corner of Meridian and Hamilton Avenue. We feature breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while providing only the highest quality foods with a homestyle feel.

For breakfast, all of our goodies are made fresh-to-order. Bountiful omelettes, fluffy pancakes, or a European style breakfast make up only a fraction of our menu. Vanilla battered sourdough French Toast and locally made sausage links are just a couple of our specialties. Come taste why many have said we make the Bay Area's best breakfast.

Lunch and dinner may be quick, but by no means are we fast food. Some say we are a hofbrau, some call us a deli, comfort-food haven, a German restaurant, a smorgasbord. The truth is we are a little bit of all of these and little bit more. Like our catering, we hand-select only the freshest ingredients and scratch make our time-tested recipes.

We make many of our own coldcuts like corned beef, roasted turkey as well as hand make our own chopped liver and New York style chicken salad. We also have favorites from our charbroiler like Angus burgers, tri-tip, chicken, and vegetarian Philly Sandwiches, and Patty Melts! Our Reuben sandwich, piled on toasted rye with corned beef AND pastrami, Swiss cheese sauerkraut, with mustard, is to live for! 
All of our soups are made fresh daily in our kitchen.  Our daily soup is our famous chicken soup w/ matzo balls, and feature a rotating soup du jour, like clam chowder, split pea w/ pastrami, beef barley, minestrone, and more.Even the mashed potatoes are made from real potatoes. Vegetables arrive fresh daily from multiple sources so we get only the best ingredients for our customers.  Our gravies are also made from real chicken, turkey, beef, or vegetable stocks. We chill the drippings overnight so the fat settles on top, then scrape it off. What's left is a 98% fat free broth that is made into our sauces, reductions, and gravies.  

Our entrees are presented in two ways. First, we have our everyday menu such as homemade lasagna, broiled USDA choice steaks, Foster Farms' fresh grilled lemon-herb chicken breasts. Some of our specialties from Germany include wienerschnitzel, jaegarschnitzel, potato pancakes, stuffed cabbage, and more. Our veal parmigiana is trimmed and breaded here, the meatloaf is ground and mixed on-site, and the calves liver & onions are always a hit with our regular customers.---- store - vgs.JPG (large)

Our steamtable showcases our daily entrees as well as the specials of the day.The staples in our hofbrau include roasted turkey breast, baked chicken quarters, meatloaf with a mushroom-garlic gravy, BBQ lamb shanks, knockwurst, and bratwurst. We feature at least two daily specials, like carved baron of beef, Irish lamb stew, risotto stuffed bell peppers, homemade mac -n-cheese, corned beef and cabbage, goulash, beef stroganoff, and more! On Fridays we feature Sauerbraten as well as Filet of Tilapia.

Don't forget about dessert! Our homemade bread pudding and rice pudding are second to none, especially when topped off with imported raspberry syrup and whipped cream. YUM! The apple strudel is always a great way to finish off a meal. But don't forget about our fresh baked chocolate cookies! These scone-shaped bites of heaven have become the cornerstone of our dessert menu - by far our number one selling dessert. But, we think you need to see for yourself as you can check out our dessert case.

Our beverage menu consists of but is not limited to: liquor, beer, wine, espresso drinks, Dr. Browns' sodas, Thomas Kemper draught root beer and floats, fresh squeezed OJ, chocolate egg creams / phosphates, and soooooooo much more!


Substitutions are welcome.
When you come to eat at Gunther's Restaurant, get what YOU want.
If you leave hungry, we haven't done our job.

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