Holiday Catering Menu

HOLIDAY MENU: Most items available year-round



COMPLETE DINNER – Priced Per Guest (Minimum 15 Guests)
Slow Roasted Free Range Turkey w/ Our Famous Sourdough Dressing $33.00
Cure 81 Smoked Honey Baked Ham w/ Pineapple-Clove Glaze $33.00
Slow Roasted USDA Choice Prime Rib Au Jus w/ Homemade Horse Radish Sauce $50.00
Combo: Prime Rib & Turkey or Ham $60.00 / Turkey & Ham $40.00 / All Three $70.00

Complete Dinners Include ALL of the following:
Real Mashed Potatoes
Turkey Gravy Made from Scratch
Candied Yams
Green Beans Almondine
Homemade Cranberry-Apple Sauce
Garden Salad w/ Homemade Ranch & Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressings
Fresh Baked Curacao Rolls & Butter

A La Carte:
Slow Roasted Turkey w/ Stuffing, Cranberry, and Gravy $8.95/lb. (15 lb. minimum)
USDA Choice Slow Roasted Boneless Prime Rib of Beef Au Jus $33.95/lb. (12-15 lbs.)
Slow Roasted Turkey Breast (Boneless) $20.00/lb.
Smoked Cure 81 Ham Baked w/ Pineapple- Clove Glaze $20.00/lb.
Quarts of: Mashed Potatoes $15.00 / Green Beans $15.00
Candied Yams $15.00 / Stuffing $15.00
Pint of Cranberry Sauce $7.50 / Dozen Dinner Rolls $7.50 / Small Pan of Salad $25.00
Fresh Baked Pecan Pie 29.00 / Apple Pie 25.00 / Pumpkin Pie 25.00
Quarts of Scratch Made Giblet Gravy $12.00

Individual Thanksgiving Dinner
- Fresh Roasted Turkey Breast - Real Mashed Potatoes - Stuffing - Green Beans Almondine
- Fresh Baked Roll & Butter - Scratch Made Turkey Gravy & Apple-Cranberry Sauce
$24.95 each

Gunther’s Restaurant & Catering - 1601 Meridian Avenue - San Jose, CA 95125 - (408) 266-9022

Bubbe’s Table

No doubt your beloved Bubbe makes the best food in the world.

We wouldn’t dare try to outdo her, but sometimes Bubbe likes to be cooked for.

So give your dear, sweet Bubbe a break and let Gunther’s prepare your holiday meal.



USDA Choice Angus Roasted Brisket of Beef; Carved in Pan Gravy - House Ground Horseradish*
22.00/ lb.

Roasted Foster Farms Chicken; 1/4th Size Cuts*
8.95 each

Latkes (Potato Pancakes) Sour Cream & Apple Sauce
12.95 ~ 4 latkes

Potato Kugel* ~ Matzo Kugel* ~ Noodle Kugel
55.00 ~ ½ pan (serves 8-12)

Homemade Chicken Matzo Ball Soup*
14.95/ quart (4 matzo balls)

Fresh Cucumber Salad*
16.00/ quart (serves 4-5)

Carrot Tsimus - Stewed Prunes, Apricots, and Carrots*
20.00/ quart

Charoset - Shickered Raisins, Course Chopped Walnuts and Apples*
25.00/ quart


Housemade Chopped Chicken Liver - Schmaltz and All!*
18.00/ lb.


Gefilte Fish*
2.50 each - minimum order of 8 pieces


Box of Matzo Crackers*
11.95 - 1 lb. box


*OK For Passover